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I am a mechanic with some toolboxes protected by cam locks. My local locksmith doesn’t seem to want this business, it’s not regular residential/automotive. The commercial locksmith that I know of would be coming from a ways away and wants a hefty call out fee just to talk about it.

I need 3 locks and 4 keys, and I hope that I am using the right terms here. These are all to be 1 1/8 long cam locks that rotate the actuator 90 degrees clockwise when viewed from the keyway.

Lock A opens with a user key or a master key, non-key retaining

Lock B opens with the master key only, non-key retaining

Lock C opens with the master key only, key retaining.

Keys would be two user/two master

I’m looking for some input on what kind of lock system to use, and where to get it. I want a key that is resistant to duplication at the local hardware store, but I’m not securing Fort Knox. Realistically somebody with a crowbar will be able to destroy enough of the box to get in, given time. I was leaning toward something like Abloy Protec, but I’d be open to anything better than the cheap wafer locks that come with the boxes. And for the record I know that I’m talking about spending some money, just looking for advice on hitting the right price/performance without going crazy.

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