Why are key fobs standard for cars but not doors? : Locksmith

With a car’s remote key fob, you can easily lock/unlock your car from a distance, and this is standard technology.

I know there are app-based smart locks and other NFC-type “touchless” locks for homes/businesses, but why isn’t there simple remote locking technology that’s //standard// for doors, like the front door to one’s home?

Not sure if this is the best sub to post this question, so please let me know if there is somewhere else I should go. Thanks!

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This is a Schlage I found in a box of F51’s. Does anyone know what kind of knob this is? I don’t have keys for it and it seems different then just standard pins. : Locksmith

Schlage’s version of the SmartKey called “SecureKey”. They discontinued them and recalled all the cylinders. Requires a “blue key” to rekey, you might find those somewhere in your shop. Not sure why they discontinued, some say because they fail, some say because Kwikset sued them.

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I am converting a very old (100 y/o) solid wood door with a mortise lock to a cylinder lock. I would like to maintain the current center to center spacing of 3 5/8 if possible. I know the modern standard is 5 1/2 CTC. Is there any security/safety risk in sticking with the old spacing? : Locksmith

What are you trying to achieve with this conversion?

The chances of you finding the right amalgamation of plates to maintain that spacing and have it come out looking even halfway decent are, in my opinion, pretty slim.

Edit: I would hate to see you disrupt the appearance of what looks like a beautiful 100 year old door with a bunch of tacky wrap plates. I’m sure there’s better ways to achieve whatever it is you’re trying to do.

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Name of this type of deadbolt? Need to buy a similar one but with screw holes slightly offset down as an standard deadbolt : Locksmith

I am trying to adapt an existing smart lock with this type of deadbolt for an sliding door I have. When I do my searches this type of lock never shows up and on Alibaba.com this one shows as bathroom sliding door deadbolt, which is not really what it is. This one would be great, except for the screw holes not being offset as many of the standard deadbolts mechanism.

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I’m looking for a add on for a standard lock body that allows access control systems to actuate the lock.

The idea is that I want an device that will allow me to take a Bowley lock, or any standard deadbolt and add access control to it. The external deadbolt lock should still work, but the device should detect that it has been opened and automatically re lock the door after a certain amount of time. This is more to make sure that a house door is locked in case you forget and to enable access to guests that show up for any reason. NOTE I'm not looking for a system that will connect to a mobile device, I'm looking for a system that will work with a commercial access control system, hardwired and connected to something like Ubiquiti Networks's upcoming access control devices. I'm not compromising security for the convenience. I am finding electronic deadbolts that go inside the door, but don't fit a standard deadbolt profile, why i need something external, to retrofit a door rather then replace it. Are there any such devices?

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Can anyone help me identify the part number of this core? I don’t see anything like it in the Schlage Key Systems Catalog. Standard 6 pin core. Thanks for any help! : Locksmith

It looks like a regular 6-pin Schlage or aftermarket cylinder. The tailpiece with the hole in it and the other parts are part of the lock actuator. I’d guess it’s for some kind of padlock. The thin disk may be to prevent bypass through the keyway but that isn’t typically an issue with these cylinders as the tailpiece attachment prevents a probe from getting to the mechanism.

The core itself is nothing special. It’s the tailpiece and other hardware that is specific to that lock mechanism. Is it a Schlage brand lock or something else?

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