Is a strike plate required for hollow metal doors Medeco Maxum? : Locksmith

Is a strike plate required for hollow metal doors Medeco Maxum?

Recently got a Medeco Maxum installed by my lock smith. He convinced me that a strike plate is not required as the door frame is metal. So he just cut out a hole big enough for the deadbolt. (The door frame is hollow screwed onto a wooden stud). Is this true? The hollow door is metal as well.

r/Locksmith - Is a strike plate required for hollow metal doors Medeco Maxum?

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Door handle type commercial electric strike : Locksmith


I’m have three interior doors as FOB entry control points. Egress is FOB-less, so not locked.

The handles currently in place can be cycled to open the door simply by using the handle, bypassing the electric strike. They have a thumb switch on the inside of the door to engage the lock, as they are battery powered coded Schlages used to control the door prior to the fob system being installed. Employees have just started disengaging the latch by turning the thumb switch to disengage the system.

I’d like to replace the hardware with something appropriate.

I saw storeroom handles such as this – is this what I need or should I be looking for something else?

Thanks in advance!

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How to remove strike plate like this? : Locksmith

That’s not a strike plate. A strike plate is the sheetmetal piece that is installed on the doorjamb. What’s in your photo is, specifically, a drive-in bolt. Instead of having a deadbolt with a rectangular plate that has to be mortised into the edge of the door, this type allows the installer to skip the mortising of the edge of the door, so it saves a lot of time.

You have to remove the deadbolt from the door in order to remove the bolt.

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Mortise cylinder smart lock OR simple WiFi access control for e strike. : Locksmith

I have a customer wanting to control access to his laundromat after hours, as well as set an open and locked time frame. He has an aluminum storefront with Adams rite. Ideally a mortise cylinder smart lock and paddle exit would be great, otherwise a WiFi controller for an e strike or electrified Adams rite would work.

I don’t do much access control work, any advice would be appreciated. Want to avoid maglock.

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