Electrify Exit Devices – Suggestions? : Locksmith

I am not familiar with these types of exit devices, what is underneath the shit and how do you get the push plates open and off?

My plan is to put a double maglock but, I would like to insert a custom switch kit where you can cut the maglock power when the shit is pushed. If there is some sort of classroom function rim cylinder capability that would be optimal. Otherwise, I will have to either dog down the devices and just have the maglock on or disable the physical locks which would be a fucking tragedy but shit, they already had fucking surface mount closers on a storefront.

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Key snapped in this lock. Any suggestions to remove? I tried removing the handle on both sides but lock goes right through. Tried jabbing the bottom of the key hole with thin metal screw heads. Am stuck : Locksmith

I get calls like this all the time. It’s always worse when the customer has been poking, prodding and scraping at things. Just bite the bullet and call a locksmith because this requires specialist tools. They will also tell you what’s needed to stop it happening again, because there is almost always an underlying cause when a key snaps.

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Swivel spindle off an antique yale mortise. Anybody seen it or have any suggestions for finding a replacement? It’s worn and the interior knob keeps falling off. Any specifics I should be looking for? : Locksmith

Any older shop may have some. I have some that look similar

Alternate repair, is you thru it and drill thru the knob , and either tap and put a screw completely thru both pieces , or drive a roll pin to pin the knob. Both will hold the knob from falling off in the future.

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CodeMax troubleshoot. Any suggestions? : Locksmith

Hey friends. Our 1200MAX CodeMax machine from HPC is the item in question today.

It cuts well and good for most things, however we are running into the cutting speed being way to fast. Thus our cutting wheel gets stuck midway through certain cuts on thicker keys (medeco Biaxial specifically) think that lovely grinding-to-a-halt noise .

Trying to get in contact with HPC directly (via many means) is proving rather difficult and frustrating.

Fairly new machine bought in 2020. We know how to slow the cutting speed down as it is cutting individual keys but we are trying to slow the speed down overall.

It’s just too dang fast.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

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Billing and Inventory Software Suggestions : Locksmith

I currently use Zoho Books and Inventory. I would like to have a consolidated solution with scheduling as well.

  1. Can you offer software suggestions?

I have a very small business and currently we do it using google calendar, zoho books and zoho calendar. There were a lot of mistakes done on the accounting part that cannot be deleted or corrected (according to support). Now that we have a much better idea on how to run things we would like to start over but we would like to get rid of those errors.

We tried OneUp and it is very good for $9 however it does not have pictures on the inventory items which helps a lot when looking for keys and products.

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Suggestions for small apartment building front door lock with guest codes and no wifi? : Locksmith

Greetings, oh wise and benevolent experts –

We’re a small apartment building with 4 units. The building’s always had a keyed deadbolt lever handle at the entrance that’s prevented us from having to-door deliveries.

Well, it’s Covid-19 Times and myself and some neighbouring units will be working from home until at least the fall and will need deliveries from work (and food-take out – I can’t stand my own cooking anymore… ).

Building owner is happy to change the lock since I’ll be paying for it but I’m getting confused by the choices and he’d like me to provide him the lock brand/model choices before the next step.

Perfect scenario:

  • lock with keys and keypad

  • automatically locks when we leave the building

  • ability to either have one-time-use guest codes generated or is easy to generate a guest code

Since I’ll be the primary using of the guest codes, I don’t mind changing it bi-weekly/monthly from my desktop or cellphone and then just posting the code in our laundry room if the neighbours even need it.

We don’t have a monitored security system in the building or can dedicate wifi for the lock. I can use my cellphone’s bluetooth or hotspot if I’m near the lock but that’s about it.

Any suggestions gratefully appreciated.

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