I have a lock with a weird switch, questions on behavior : Locksmith

I have a weird lock that has a switch on it. The door lock has a latch and bolt combined in one.

When the switch is off, the door knob cannot be turned from the outside. When it is on, the handle can be turned from the outside. It also expectedly unlocks the latch, but unexpectedly, it also unlocks the bolt!

Is there a way to alter the lock so that when the handle is turned from the outside, it only unlocks the latch?

I’m failing to see the point of the bolt aside from being tougher to knock down. The issue is, I can’t have my bolt decide whether or not the door can be opened.

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1909 mortise lock issue – switch? knob? something else? : Locksmith

Have a 1909 Russell & Erwin mortise lock on our front door. I decided to polish the brass bronze today and discovered the interior doorknob does not come off, so the plate has to stay on – no biggie. Pushed the switches on the lock while polishing – didn’t think it was a big deal. Reassembled the exterior portion and now the doorknobs do not engage the latch. Perhaps as a result we can’t get the switch to keep the latch disengaged, so the door is effectively locked at all times. The deadbolt is still working well, and from the exterior can engage the latch to open the door. However, once the door is closed, we’re locked in. Oops.

I know we can tape the latch down, but is there a way to fix it? Does anyone know if the lock mechanism can be removed without taking off both doorknobs? Here are some relevant photos to help.

Your feedback is very much appreciated.

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3 locks, 1 key – Electric switch in addition to existing locks : Locksmith


I am currently at an impasse on a project. I am building a custom vintage scooter. They come with a steering column lock and a glovebox [lock like this] (https://i.imgur.com/uE9qrvV.png). These bikes came without a key and I would like to add a simple On/Off key.

I would like to get into messing with tumblers and pins, how would I go about this. I want to be able to use the existing key on a modified electical switch.

Is this possible? There are easier solutions to this problem, but this would help me learn something about a field I am pretty much… (shitty pun) locked out from.

Thank you, curious to see what you think.

I have a spot to

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