Is there any company that sells mortise hardware that takes a normal key? Want to keep this door original but also want to key it with the rest of the buildings master key system. : Locksmith

I am a locksmith, i cant find any supplier that carries a modern mortise lock that has a similar look and doesnt still take a skeleton key, just looking for a brand or supplier recommendation. I can also just retrofit a knob and deadbolt to it but i want to keep the original look.

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Contractor: “What takes so long to install a lock?”

Frame: “I’m installed crooked and my doors won’t close.”

Door: “My factory preps are completely wrong, and now you have to deal with it!”

Lock: “I’m missing half my screws. Yay!!”

Cylinder: “You really think you’re going to find where my threading starts? Think again…”

…. happy Mondays boys

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