Haven’t been able to identify what these things are. I’m thinking they could be part of an old lock mechanism? I will put more info in comments. : Locksmith

I found them while metal detecting in the yard. the house was built in late 1800s and there used to be an old hotel back then very close to the house. they were not grouped together, more sparsely spread out across the yard. they are very lightweight metal and i can’t bend them with my hands.

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Thinking of listing a room on AirBnb, is there a good lock solution? : Locksmith

So I live in the home and may rent out a room inside it. Right now the doors are using Schlage B60 and B62s depending on the door and the bedrooms share an SC1 keyway for added privacy. I rekeyed them myself to a pretty aggressive pattern to make picking or bumping more frustrating.

I’d like to avoid handing over a copy of my key to potential short-term occupants that could just go duplicate it and have them use a code for entry during their stay.

I looked at the Schlage Encode but didn’t find any informed opinions on it regarding the security of the electronic components and overall reliability. If someone could chime in on that, I’d appreciate it.

Further, if anyone has advice or suggestions on a better path to take, I’m eager to listen.


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