Deadbolt throw doesn’t extend all the way sometimes : Locksmith

I have a schlage 562p double cylinder that I’ve installed and the throw will extend all the way for a while and then it becomes inconsistent and I can push the deadbolt back in with my fingers. This has been the case for two deadbolts so I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. It feels like the tailpiece works for a bit then starts binding up?

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Deadbolt throw vs. lazy contractors : Locksmith

How frequently do you licensed guys who do service calls encounter deadbolt strikes in new construction or remodels that don’t have the full throw allowance bored out into the door frame? I’m seeing this pretty frequently, most recently in a brand new townhome development nearby our shop. I always make it a point to show the homeowner that I can push the bolt back in with my finger if it’s unable to fully throw, and it is always a surprise to them.

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