Possible to get a oil rub profile cylinder in kw1 with a thumbturn on it. Its for a hoppe lock system. i feel im going crazy looking for it. i wanna say they currently have the 90 degree one because they have a retaing pin where the thumb turn is. CES is the manufactue but again i cand find kw1


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The spring isn’t pulling back the latch far enough to allow the door to open. I thought it would be easy to replace just that but the privacy pin is square because of it being a thumb lever type thing in the rosette. Need some help identifying parts to replace it. Antique door co was baffled. : Locksmith

Looks like one of those old National locks. They were designed to be replaced, not repaired, but the company went out of business a very long time ago. The National Cabinet Lock division is still around as NCL, but that won’t help with this.

I would just install a new privacy lock. The new locks are larger and will cover up the holes of the old one. I haven’t done residential work in years, but I think various brands make privacy locks with glass knobs.

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Captive thumb deadbolts : Locksmith

You could do a Lori deadbolt and use a mortise thumb turn with the removable thumb piece. Different concept, same-ish results.

I hate the captives. They are a pain in the ass to align so they work right. Not worth the trouble in my opinion.

I don’t really advise any double cylinder deadbolt typically. The best security is the one you’ll use. If I have a thumb turn I’ll always use it. People always want to put them on a full glass door. Where after you break the glass it is easier to step in than to open the door.

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Any recommendations on where to find a non keyed double thumb deadbolt? : Locksmith

I can only find one place online and it’s like 86$. Or any other recommendations for something with the same function for the bathroom that will lock and unlock from the inside and outside? Doesn’t necessarily have to be a deadbolt. My daughter has seizures so we don’t let her lock the bathroom door because she had a seizure in there and we couldn’t get in with the push key. Thanks!

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