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Hello everyone:

How does everybody here take in-shop jobs in to their shops?

When I first started months ago, our shop just used a sticky note. Literally a little yellow sticky note with the customer’s name and phone number. All the locksmiths would have to either guess at what the job was or call the customer for more info.

I found this inadequate so I made a sort of jobs ticket. Basically it is just a small piece of paper with date, customer info, what the job is, and a quote. This way, anyone could pick up the job and know exactly what needs to be done, whether it is actually do the job or return to the customer with an exact price.

I was looking through some old files and I found what seemed like an invoice pad (carbon copy pad), but for work orders instead. It had all the same info from my tickets, but additionally it had a work completed field, a field for the technicians name/signature, as well as a field for automotive information. It seemed they were all numbered and I could tell that there was a piece that was torn off of each, similar to a dry cleaners number I guess. White, yellow, and pink pages, like a regular invoice pad, if I am remembering correctly.

Does anyone use a system like this? I feel it would mainly help with accountability, you know exactly who did what and when. It could help keep the jobs in order for FIFO processing, it would help keep prices accurate, and ensure that someone didn’t walk off with something that didn’t belong to them. Imagine a customer bringing in an OEM Schlage Grade 1 lever for a rekey. Someone else comes in for pickup on it, pays cash, and walks out with a single piece of hardware worth hundreds of dollars. Eventually that customer who brought it in calls or comes to your shop for pickup and it turns out their lock isn’t there anymore! This system really makes it feel like this sort of thing wouldn’t happen (it hasn’t happened to me, maybe I am just being paranoid about it).

But what to do with the yellow carbon copy? You don’t have to save it like an invoice. I guess you could toss it when done. I imagine the original copy would go with the job, but that doesn’t really make sense to me because if you tear it out and write something on it, it won’t be on the other copies. Maybe I am overthinking this.

Anyways, what is your guys’ process for shop jobs intake?

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