The bars on this lock fall down a little bit and it’s VERY annoying! It still works, but I would like to be able to close my door without turning the knob every time. Any easy fixes? : Locksmith

Not sure if you can get a look on the inside, but if you can then youll be able to visibly see whats allowing it to drop slightly. My guess is the metal is probably slightly stretched or its loose at the thumbthurn causing the bolt to drop slightly when the knob is finally at its resting position.

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Key turns but lock doesn’t work 90% of the time : Locksmith

Hi everyone! Have an issue where a new key that I had cut turns endlessly in the door lock but it doesn’t engage the actual lock 100% of the time, but it unlocks 100% of the time on the first try.

The original key also locks 100% of the time which is odd because the new key looks identical to the original key. Was wondering if anyone had any insight into where the issue might be? Apologies if this isn’t the right subreddit to be posting in. Thanks!

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Guess it’s about time I introduce myself properly, plus some small upcoming changes to the subreddit. : Locksmith

I’m sure veterans of the sub are aware the mod team has been having trouble keeping up for a while. All the work had fallen to /u/Dakota360ci and he just plain didn’t have the time for it. You probably noticed that the stickied post about recruiting a new moderator went away… Well, I figured I’d say howdy and toot my horn for a bit.

If you don’t much care about me or my horn and just want to read what’s relevant to r/locksmith you can skip the next section. I’ll leave this post up for a while so our less active folks have a chance to see it.

So I’ve been lurking this sub for a couple of years without participating much since the bulk of our content is residential/commercial and I’m an automotive specialist (10 years experience), but I have been learning some residential stuff over the last year or so. I’m in the US but I work the night shift so I’ll mostly be active from evening to early morning.

As for moderating, most relevant is that I was a mod at a much larger subreddit called r/NoStupidQuestions (NSQ for short) for… I think about a year? Been a while. I stepped down voluntarily because there are some impressively asinine scumbags over there and it was just too much for me at the time. Still, I learned a lot, and I’ve already used my experience there to make some improvements around here (mostly behind the scenes stuff that y’all can’t see and that Dakota greatly appreciated). I’ve also been mod or admin at dozens of other various forums and servers over the years, and other staff members usually complement the way I moderate.

The most important thing to me about being mod is that I remain as impartial and objective as possible. My personal opinions should be entirely separate from my decisions as moderator. In fact, when I have been faced with a decision that I do feel strongly about in the past, I would go out of my way to put even more thought and effort into it in an attempt to make absolutely certain that I genuinely believe it is the right thing to do and it’s not just what I want to do. Almost every mistake I’ve ever made from a position of power has been due to a snap decision I made based on my feelings.

Also important is understanding that I am a servant of the community, not a ruler. I am not here to impose my view of what I would like the r/locksmith to be, I am here to enforce what we as a whole agree it should be. Any change I make is done with the intent of improving the overall experience of our users as whole.

As for my plans for the subreddit… well, I don’t actually plan to change much to be honest, just small quality of life improvements and clarification of rules and such. The automoderator should be less prone to mistakes now too.

The biggest change I have planned is transferring the rules found on old reddit into our sidebar on new reddit. Those who use new reddit probably didn’t even realize we had rules, so it might feel like a massive change, but the rules you’ll soon be seeing have actually been there all along. It’ll take a bit of work transfer since the format is entirely different.

If you have any ideas for new rules or suggested changes to existing rules, let me know in a reply to this post. Also please look through other people’s suggestions and upvote any that you agree with. Enough upvotes might make a change happen that otherwise would be dismissed. I’d recommend checking this post again in a few days after some comments have come in.

I am fairly active on reddit and most days I’ll check in at least once or twice, so any modmail messages or modqueue items (that’s where reports and automoderator actions show up) should be dealt with reasonably quickly. If I have a reddit tab open at the time then I will even get a little popup notification (thanks to a plugin called Moderator Toolbox than I learned about back at NSQ) and I can deal with it immediately.

In other words… please use the report button! I may be active but that doesn’t mean I will scour every comment on every post. You guys are our eyes and ears, and with your help we can keep this sub free of spam, more on-topic, and less misinformed.

Lastly, if ever you feel that I have made a mistake, please do not hesitate to message the moderators. Don’t worry, I won’t get upset or lash out – if I do something wrong I want people to tell me. Be aware that I will probably defend my decision, but I’m not doing it to say “I am right and you are wrong,” but rather to explain why I thought it was a good idea in the first place so you can then point out the flaw and I can improve.

Alrighty, well that went a hell of a lot longer than I expected. If you actually read all that rambling, know that I appreciate you. If you didn’t, well that’s okay too, most people will probably just skim through it at best.

Y’all have a good night and keep tumbling those tumblers.

And don’t worry, I won’t ban Chensky for being a dick 😛

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I gotta share this story time with someone. Kinda long.. : Locksmith

This a bit of a long read, so tldr at the bottom. Also, I would love to read all of your crazy people or asshole stories in the comments

I know something similar has probably happened to a lot of you, but this is the weirdest event to happen to me yet. Also, just so you know, I’ve only been a locksmith for a few years.

So we get a call from a condo company in the area, saying a resident is locked out of his condo. I head that way and eventually find him at the main office, outside, shivering. It was pretty chilly that day and he was probably in his 60s, he looks pitiful. After I confirm who he is and talk to him for a minute, I got this really weird vibe from him, like he was kinda confused about everything. But he did say his meds are locked in the condo, so I didnt read into it much. I dont usually like the idea, but I let him in the warm van and putt over to his building. Once we get up to his floor, I identify the lock (average Schlage deadbolt, no biggie), and get right to work. The lock had a couple spools, which usually isn’t a problem, but for some reason I was having an incredibly hard time feeling for counter-rotation on the tensioner. and sometimes thought I felt it when I wasn’t even applying pressure.

After 10 mins of struggling, I thought I finally had it picked, But it wouldn’t turn, so I turned a little harder, and it started to move, but then I swear it felt like it pushed against me. That threw me off and I let it turn back to the locked position and just stood there, flabbergasted, trying to figure out what the hell that was. I have picked a lot of locks, but never felt on push against my tensioner. My brain goes straight to some kind of electronic lock, but that doesn’t make any sense. Now, thinking I’m crazy, I try again at picking it, while on the phone with my boss, asking him if this was possible. He isn’t the best at visualizing anyway, so he couldn’t figure out what I was even asking. I get it picked again, and the same thing happens and it dawns on me… “Sir, is it possible someone is inside the condo right now?”

I confirmed with the office that this guy is the owner earlier, and I’m at the right door, I’m sure. He says “possibly my wife I guess…” WHAT. He starts knocking loudly and yelling “Mary, are you in there? Mary!” No answer. I explain that SOMEONE is turning the knob inside against me. And that 1: We aren’t getting in with someone on the inside stopping me, and 2: I am NOT opening a door with someone inside, actively trying to keep me out! And I have to keep explaining to him in different ways that it’s not happening. He eventually gets what Im saying and says, “Well, I’m the owner of the condo, not her. I pay for everything.” I’m like, I understand but if your married and so she is also the owner, and even if she wasnt, I cant open that door. Eventually I get the story out of him. They got in a fight last night and he slept in the car overnight cause she kicked him out at like 10pm.

So he wants to go back to the office to ask them what to do. And I felt bad for the guy so I called the sheriffs office and told them everything and asked them to send an officer to help solve this issue. I told her the address and unit number and she pauses, then reads it back to me slowly. Im like, yeah thats all correct. Then she tells me they just dispatched a car to that address. The wife must have called the cops when I almost got it open. I know she knows who it is because her husband was yelling her name through the door earlier. So now I’m wondering what really happened last night. The guy comes out of the office and sits right in my van like he belongs. So I might as well drive him to meet the officer. 2 police cars and the building manager are already there, and he hops out and heads to the elevator and I stay behind in the van as to let them figure it out from there. I had decided long ago that regardless of what happened and who has whatever rights to do whatever didn’t matter to me. I am not opening that door. I only stayed behind in case the officer wanted to talk to me.

The building manager comes out to my van and tell me that I don’t have to stay. She then tells me that this happens with this couple all the time. That they are crazy and constantly doing awful shit to each other. She has gotten numerous complaints about them screaming at each other all the time. She says “just last week she tried to run him over with their car, but missed and just winged him…”. I did notice that his arm was really bruised looking, but didn’t pry. She says that they are in to process of getting them out of her building, and that this could take all day and I should probably just go. To which I did not argue a bit. I didnt even think about payment at that point, I was very ready to take that loss.

Sorry for the wall of text, and poor story telling. TLDR; Old guy wants into his condo, wife is on the inside, turning the knob to keep us out. Call the police, turns out they are kinda crazy and hate eachother. and at least one has attempted vehicular murder on the other.

Some people should just get a divorce.

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