8 Tips to Protect your Home from Thieves

Are you going on vacation soon? Before leaving your home, it is important to ensure that it will be protected against the accidental visit of a thief. To leave with peace of mind, find out 8 tips to keep burglars away from your property.

1. Install a surveillance camera

Surveillance cameras were once the size of a letterbox and were primarily used by businesses or wealthy homeowners. Fortunately, times have changed. Advances in technology have made it possible to reduce the size and cost of surveillance cameras, making them now accessible and affordable for home video surveillance.

Today smartphones have replaced pagers, they can fit in a pocket and just about everyone has one. The same goes for surveillance cameras. Advances in technology have made it possible to reduce the size and cost of surveillance cameras, making them more affordable now.

A surveillance camera allows you to monitor one or more places in your home. Install an IP camera at the front of your house and you can monitor the comings and goings from a distance! Some thieves who don’t want to take risks will even turn back when they see your cameras.

2. Equip yourself with an alarm system

If you are equipped with a complete alarm system connected to a monitoring station, you make sure you are well protected. In the event of an intrusion into your home, an alarm will be triggered and the signal will be sent to the center, which can quickly notify the police.

3. Notify thieves

Have you installed an alarm system and a surveillance camera? Indicate their presence to criminals. By installing stickers, you will be able to deter thieves who would not dare to take the risk of entering a protected house.

4. Hide valuables

Keep your valuables out of sight. If thieves are able to spot the contents of your home just by thinking ahead, you allow them to spot their loot. So keep these goods away from windows. To hide smaller items, get a safe, and store your valuables there.

5. Pay attention to your keys

Many people are used to hiding a duplicate of their key outside their home. This technique should be avoided because it quickly allows a thief to find a simple way to break into your home. Instead, give a key to someone you trust who will help you out if you need it. Also, do not put your name or address on your keys. It would then be quite easy for a burglar to find your home.

6. Do not announce your departure

Are you going on vacation for a few weeks and you want to share the good news with your loved ones? Even if the desire is great, it is better not to announce your absence on social networks or on your voicemail. This information can quickly end up in the hands of a thief!

7. Give the impression that his house is inhabited

A house that has been uninhabited for a few days may indicate the absence of its owners. To deceive burglars, you can equip yourself with a timer that will turn the lights on and off in your home at convenient times. You should also avoid letting the mail and newspapers pile up on your doorstep.

8. Check doors and windows

Always make sure to lock all of your doors and windows, even those that are high up. Add bars to the basement and downstairs windows to prevent thieves from entering. To maximize your safety, you can also install small thorn trees in front of your windows. No thief will want to mess with it!

Bonus tips: How to protect your home from the outside

Here are 3 tips to better protect your home from the outside.

Be careful with the plants you have around your house

Burglary enthusiasts prefer azaleas. If you’ve planted them around your windows, burglars can use them to act on the sly! It is for this reason that you must maintain your azaleas. You should also not forget your bushes and hedges.

In addition, there are plants that you can use to scare off burglars. By planting for example roses and stinging plants under the openings of your home, you will achieve your goals.

Set up exterior lighting

Do not hesitate to set up lighting systems controlled by motion detection, if the surroundings of your home are less illuminated. Discretion and tranquility are factors that allow burglars to operate properly. They will therefore not have the courage to attack your door if it lights up as soon as they approach it. Then the security of your home starts from the outside, so don’t leave anything to chance!

Tidy up your garage

If your garage is crowded, then you risk parking your car outside. However, there is no longer a great way to let the burglar know that you are in your apartment than to park your vehicle in the yard. It is therefore essential that you take the time to tidy up your garage, to always make room for your vehicle. The use of a mechanical closure will also allow you to increase the safety of the latter. Don’t forget to integrate your garage door and its perimeter into your safety mechanism.

Do you have more questions about the security of your home? Contact the experts at Alcatraz Locksmiths for more advice!

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Sargent RB kik cylinders won’t key up properly. Any advice or tips? : Locksmith

6 pin Sargent RB keyway using ilco kik cylinders master key system. Using Lab SGT115 pin kit. The way the keys work are random after pinning cylinder. Sometimes just one change key sometimes both change keys sometimes ggmk only or ggmk and one change key work. Code cut sargent factory RB keyways on hpc machine more than once doesn’t make a difference. Has anyone had this issue?

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Can anyone identify this key duplicator? ILCO 190km? When was it made? Any tips on restoring it. Motor still runs but vibrates like crazy. Also needs a new belt. Any help would be appreciated. : Locksmith

New motor is going to be a few hundred bucks. You’ll have to pull it totally to pieces and get the rust off with possibly some grinding/sanding which will throw off the balance of the spindles and wheels. It would be pointless to do it all and not re-plate it so that’s more time and money. As a fix it project I’d be all into it l, but for a reliable useable accurate key machine, likely not.

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Quick and Simple Tips to Avoid Car Key Loss

Losing your car keys is not an experience any of us look forward to. It’s very frustrating and can make you go late to your destination.

It’s even worse in the morning. Starting your day playing hide and seek with your car keys can disorganize you for the rest of the day. This could hamper your morale and ability to complete your tasks for the day. It’s surely a bad way to start the day.

Your time will be wasted; you might get frustrated and angry and end up rushing to work and causing more problems for yourself.

That being said, learn some tips from us on how to avoid this situation occurring.  Because here in Alcatraz locksmiths, we care about you and we want you to go about your daily duties are as smooth as possible.

1. Own a Spare Key

This article is mainly about avoiding the loss of your key but you can never be too careful when it comes to managing your time effectively. Looking for your lost keys will waste your time, it is best to move on with a spare. Maybe later, when you aren’t thinking about it, you will suddenly remember where you left them. But it is also possible that they were stolen, which takes us to the last point.

2. Use a Key Tray or Hook

This is a brilliant way to ensure all your keys stay in one place, in a well-known and easily accessible location. You can place key trays or hook on your bedside table, on the kitchen counter or on the table next to the main door. They serve as the first place to check when you are looking for your keys. And 99% of the time, you will find them there because you will always drop your keys there when you come home.

3. Use Key Chains

These little rings are handy for keeping your keys together in a bunch. And it is a longstanding solution for misplaced keys. But here is why we suggested it: As much as it is important to keep your keys together in a bunch, what if you lose the entire bunch? It is best to attach your key chain to something you have around you most of the time, like your wallet, your belt loop, and purse, ID or makeup kit.

4. Use Electronic Gadgets

Technology has advanced to the extent that gadgets are now available to help you locate your keys when you lose them. There are those transmitters that can be attached to your keys and beep when you signal them. Then you can follow the sounds and locate your keys. It is a fast and easy way to avoid the frustration of searching manually.

5. Call a Professional Locksmith for Car Key Replacement

If you have lost your keys, it is possible they were stolen and if you don’t act fast, you will put your car and home security at risk. And it may not be too long before your key won’t be the only thing missing. Call a trustworthy automobile locksmith. If you need an automobile locksmith or a car key replacement in Phoenix AZ, the best recommendation is Alcatraz locksmith. Place a quick call now 602-677-5045.

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Tips to Get A Broken Key From A Lock

This is always a very painful thing to happen to anyone. It is absolutely frustrating to come home, hoping to keep back and relax, take a cold bath and drain the day’s stress away only to find out you can’t get into your home because your key broke in the lock.

Read this article and use one or all of the tips to get your broken key out of the lock.

Broken Key Extractor

This is a tool most professional locksmiths use to address this problem. If you can lay your hands on one of these, good for you. Using them requires special care. If your hands are too shaky, you may end up pushing the key farther into the lock – the extractor will be of no use at this point. To effectively use the extractor, carefully place this tool in the key, hook the teeth of the extractor on the teeth of the keys. Then turn and pull. This may take several attempts, so have some patience and repeat the process until the key is successfully out of the lock.

Stop using the key immediately

It probably crossed your mind before reading this to use the key. As long as you don’t push in too hard you should be able to unlock the door, right? No, you definitely do not want to do this. No matter how careful you feel you are, using the key will not unlock the door. Besides, the more exposed the broken part is, the easier it is you to pull it out. If you force your key in too hard, the rest of the contents of this article will be virtually ineffective.

Adhesives can help

Using adhesives to tackle this problem seems like adding salt to injury which of course is what it’ll be if you’re not extremely careful. Apply a strong adhesive to a small piece of strong wood. Very carefully, attach the wood to the key and wait for the bond to set. Make sure the adhesive doesn’t come in contact with the cylinder. When the bond is set, pull the key out. It should come clean through. This procedure works best if the key is a little way out of the cylinder. Don’t attempt this if the key is deep in the cylinder.

Strike the Cylinders

This method works best for padlocks and locks with removable cylinders. What you have to do is to strike the cylinder or padlock on a solid surface, preferably a hammer. We advise you to strike the cylinder/padlock from the bottom where the keyhole is. Striking the other way works fine too. A little side note here: when striking the lock, the keyhole should be pointed downward – towards the ground. The gravitational assist gives the key the extra pull needed to free it from the lock.

No matter the type of lock, any of these methods should work as long as you use the right tools and are extra careful with your hands.

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