2019 Toyota Corolla

"Success after all: thanks"

AKL going poorly. When I hit all keys lost I get a failed to communicate.. it worked once however my distracted foolish ass turned the ignition on instead of leaving it off. Cant seem to akl again. When doing standard add key sec light just flashes forever.. I have tried disconnecting reconnecting battery Any thoughts?

"so the final solution to get the security light to stop flashing was to insert another non-programmed h chip.."

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2019 Toyota G key problems : Locksmith

Hello everyone:

So a customer came in with a 2019 Toyota 4runner. Shop guy cloned the remote head key to a T80 GTS. Key turned in the locks but would not start the vehicle. Schedule a call with the customer for me to give it a shot because previously I had purchased one of those green ODBII Toyota G key programmers and wanted to use it.

Customer came in and I verified the key turned but did not start the vehicle. I followed the horrible English instructions on the device and attempted to add a key. Instead of adding a new transponder key, it ended up removing the remote head key!

I almost shit my pants. I was actually thinking what I was going to have to tell my boss and the customer and was this close to slightly freaking out.

Then I remembered the key programmer programs remotes. I was able to use it to program the remote head key back to the vehicle. I tried programming the cloned key again and this time the vehicle started, but then it shut off about 5 seconds later.

Again, the remote head key was removed from the vehicle.

I added it back again and tried a third time. Same result. I ended up just programming the original remote head key to the vehicle. I explained to the customer that I couldn’t program the cloned key for some reason. The ended up purchasing the key as a door key at a pretty heavy discount. I advised them that maybe the dealer or perhaps a different locksmith could get the key added.

Has anyone come across this before? I’m guessing I could have used a better tool and not some Chinese bullshit I bought off of eBay. I’m about to throw this programmer away so I don’t actually fuck anyone’s Toyotas up. I do feel like I maybe could have done it if I kept trying but I didn’t want to fuck anything up.

The other machine we have is a MVP Pro. It’s an older one, our book/manual only goes back to 2012. Is it possible to upgrade or update this machine to 2020? What do you guys recommend? I really want to be able to do transponder keys and remotes.

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Need a wallet key for a 2009 Toyota Camry when I don’t want the buttons, etc. : Locksmith

A friend has loaned me his late father’s 2009 Toyota Camry and I want to get a flat key to keep in my wallet in case of lock outs. The original key has a fat head with buttons and a battery. How can I get a flat copy made? Can an ordinary key copier do it? Would a dealership produce a flat copy?

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keying a newer toyota rav4 : Locksmith

Hi so I spent a whole day through this and need to know if I did anything wrong. I needed second keys for two cars. I called a locksmith and he said he could program me another key on an 2014 lexus, and a 2019 rav4. When he came he did the lexus in like 5 minutes, but couldn’t do the rav4 as it required a dealer password of some sort. No dealer had any idea about that and said to come in. Locksmith gave me what he claimed to be a oem rav4 key fob and said a dealer should be able to program it. It looks literally identical to the rav4 key fob we have along with the numbers. I take it to the dealer, and the master tech failed to clone it after trying it a couple of times and i had to pay 75$ for their time and nothing to show for it. Original locksmith then referred me to another locksmith who he highly recommended and said he should be able to do it. I went to him and the locksmith tried with his tech and still failed. He said only dealers have the software right now. He claims the key is fine, and that I should call him in a few months as the software should be available by then. But he quoted me 135$ for programming when we do it.

My question is, is the software really not available for the 2019 rav4 besides for dealers? If so why compared to other cars? The car has already been out since late 2018.

I got my 14 lexus keyed for 180$ is that a good price? Considering the price of the fob and the future cost of programming it, is 235$ a good price for that in terms of non dealer price for rav4?

If you’re asking why I didn’t get toyota to just do it, they were at the minimum going to charge me 485$. I really don’t have that kind of money. I called every toyota dealer in the area.

I appreciate any replies

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Immobilized? Locked keys in 2001 Toyota : Locksmith

Locked keys in a 2001 Toyota far from home. Used an air inflator on the door corner which activated the alarm causing alarm to beep horn for several minutes. The inflator did allowed enough room to reach electric lock button, but even when pushed, the door locks would click but not unlock. Eventually I was able to raise the lock using paracord and a slip knot.

My question is: Did the alarm immobilize the rocker lock/unlock button once the horn went off, OR was I just unable to push it properly??

Thanks in advance—

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