Need Help. I’ve turned it 90 degrees but the button wont depress for the knob to come off does anyone have any tips or tricks for this knob? : Locksmith

First off, lube. Then I press the release tab and turn the key at the same time, as far left and right as it will go. Could be your tailpiece is bent or put on wrong. Ive seen people put the tail pieces on in the lever configuration and still force it in the knob somehow.

Also try banging the knob against something or tapping the collar above the release tab with a hammer gently. Sometimes you can loosen them or pop them back into alignment.

If your feeling brave the “expert mode” would be to remove the lock assembly from the knob and get at it from the back. There is probably a YouTube video on how to do it. If there isn’t, PM me and maybe ill make one and email it to you. Then I’ll post it to YouTube and make millions of dollars. The camera loves me.

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I might be stupid but who knows? There were no exterior screws that I could find the key didn’t allow access to any hidden holes or special tricks, if anyone knows how this was suppose to be properly removed I would love to know. : Locksmith

It’s a Lori Lock. When on a door, remove the 2 screws on the bolt plate (edge of the door) and the plate can be removed with the rest of the bolt staying in the door. To the sides of the bolt are 2 narrow holes, which reach all the way back to the 2 set screws visible in your third image. Loosen those with an Allen key and Bob’s your auntie.

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