Possible to get a oil rub profile cylinder in kw1 with a thumbturn on it. Its for a hoppe lock system. i feel im going crazy looking for it. i wanna say they currently have the 90 degree one because they have a retaing pin where the thumb turn is. CES is the manufactue but again i cand find kw1


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Inherited (empty) glass curio cabinet, key hidden by relatives, bought skeleton keys on Amazon, found one that “fit” (unsure of forced) and was able to turn, but now cannot get it to turn and come out. : Locksmith

Oh, I know. It’s not my piece. Keys from Amazon were already here when I arrived. And because of the construction of this one, recovering from a back injury, and knowing how we would have to transport it, it just makes me nervous it will break in my hands.

Was pretty upset she had jammed a key in a lock I had already suggested was probably broken.

I’ll have her make an appointment to a locksmith. Thanks.

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Looking for an exterior lockset with the push and turn function so it stays locked after using the key. : Locksmith

I’m looking for an exterior lockset like the one on my old office where you could push the button in and turn it so that when you use the key it would stay locked. Home Depot only seems to have locks that unlock with the key and stay unlocked. Any suggestions on a brand or model?

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Cannot access the other side and apparently the locking mechanism is broken inside and the handle doesn’t turn all the way. I tried putting a small screwdriver into the pinhole to try to get the door knob off and can’t get anything to release. Please help. : Locksmith

That’s definitely for a detent, not a set screw. This is probably a Defiant or some other cheapo knob.

OP: The detent probably isn’t in line with that little hole so to be able to press it you will likely have to rotate the knob CW or CCW in order to be able to push it in.

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Can I replace double key deadbolt with key/thumb turn while keeping same key? : Locksmith

Quick question. Does your door have a window in it?

If it does then I would recommend not getting a single sided dead bolt. A window would allow an intruder/thief to punch out the glass and reach in and unlock the dead bolt. If your other locks are Schlage this one can be rekeyed easily enough to match what you have.

If your door does not have a window in it this can be either swapped out for a new single sided dead bolt or, check with your local locksmith, they may have parts and pieces to turn what you have into a single sided dead bolt.

Our shop keep a lot of odd and ends either form swap out jobs or cannibalizing other locks for parts.

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My RV has a normal key and I was able to pick the lock the other day, set the pins, and get a rotation, but then the keyway jammed at about 3/4 a turn.

I'm curious what would cause this? Is there a second set of pins that I'm missing and have to re-pick after a certain amount of rotation? This was just a test to see if I could regain entry in the event I lost my keys.

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Safe dial won’t turn and stuck. : Locksmith

It could be a variety of things. He could have slammed the door onto the boltwork & bent it, there could be something inside the safe that is stuck in the space between the door & the body & jamming the lock, he could have forced the dial to turn when the door was in the open position. There’s other things like a mounting screw loosening & falling into the combination wheels & it just happened by coincidence when the toddler was goofing around. All these are difficult situations & way outside your ability to fix.

There’s one other situation that’s likely but you didn’t make any reference to the cause. That zone on the dial where it’s stuck has a name – the forbidden zone. Did you change the combination recently?

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