Safe Thread (plus bonus turtle identification) : Locksmith

Right… he found a safe. About 25 years ago when I worked for the feds, a guy came into my shop & started chewing the fat, then nonchalantly asked if I would open a safe for him. I asked if it was a government safe & he said no, he’d bring it in his truck from home. I asked if it was his safe. First he said yes, but after talking with him some more, the story started changing. So then he said the safe actually belonged to a friend. I asked if his friend could come in with the safe. Then he says, well the safe doesn’t exactly belong to his friend, the safe belongs to the such & such school district & he told them he could do them a favor & have ME open the safe for free, saving them a bunch of money. Right. A big institution that has their own locksmiths is going to let a supposed parent take their safe away to some unknown stranger to open their money safe. It was at this point that I lowered the boom on the guy who I really had never seen before. He changed his story far too many times & his story was completely preposterous. So realizing I wasn’t going to do it, he flipped the switch to try a different approach. He got agitated, said I was insulting him, said I “owed it to a poor school district to help them”. I’ve been a locksmith a long time. I’ve had crooks & shady characters try & get me to open homes & cars that didn’t belong to them. I had a guy at least a foot bigger than me threaten to beat me up if I didn’t make a key for someone’s car for him. Locksmiths have to be very careful about what jobs they accept & who is requesting them. I have no trouble telling people NO. It’s an essential part of my job.

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