If someone left a key on the inside of a lever tumbler lock, is it realistically possible for someone arriving from the outside with a correct key to push the inside key out and unlock the door? What if the person were ‘careful’ to ensure the inside key was vertical? : Locksmith

With pin tumbler locks, no. They have two completely separate cylinders in North America, and two separate plugs in the same cylinder in Europe (typically). There are no connections between both save for the meshing of cams and such. That means that a key inserted inside does not even reach the tip of where the outside key goes.

In North America, leaving a key inside does not usually prevent someone from using a key outside. I have a double cylinder deadbolt on my house door and typically always leave a key in the inside cylinder and it does not affect the operation of the outside cylinder. If I had the inside key on a heavy ring of keys, maybe, but I doubt.

In Europe (with profile cylinders), leaving a key inside, if it is turned, will prevent the outside cylinder from operating because the cam will not be lined up correctly to permit the outside plug to work.

If you’re talking about the rather inexpensive mortise locks that use a bit key, those share the same mechanism for inside and outside, and it can be done provided the inside key is in the neutral position. If the inside key has been turned, then you must turn it back to neutral before pushing it in further to make room for the outside key. These locks don’t have the keyhole in the lever, but on the door usually below the lever (or knob).

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Remove the ability to unlock knob without a key : Locksmith

Hi all, is there anyway to make a standard “privacy” knob not unlockable without a key? Can I just buy a rear handle without the twist thing on the back so you can only lock or unlock with the key? I tried using a “always locked” one from Amazon, although it did not fit in the door. It appears to have a non standard setback into the door

Any ideas are appreciated

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Mutual Jewel vault combination wont unlock : Locksmith

Have the combination and when I dial it in I get the mechanism to stop turning the dial. However I still cant turn my lever to open the safe. Not sure what’s happening here and my instructions for my combination were essentially opposite of what was written (said Right 4x, left 3x etc… but what got the dial to stop rotating was Left 4x, Right 3x etc…)

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[NEED ADVICE] So this afternoon I wanted to open my garage door and the key that normally opens this door doesn’t unlock the lock anymore. I have a couple keys and they all don’t work anymore, is there something I can do so it opens again or do I need to call a locksmith. Thanks in advance. : Locksmith

Honestly though, places for locksmiths and people that want to discuss unique locks are few and far inbetween. The more traffic this sub gets, the more people find it, and the more discussions we can have as a community. Some posts may get redundant but in the long run I think they’re helping as long as it’s not someone just saying “ay how do I get into this kwikset lock” I think it’s okay.

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Hoping someone can help me out. I just used my ignition key to unlock my saddle bag which is wrong key and now it’s stuck. Any advice? : Locksmith

A good experienced locksmith can help you with this. Finding that person will be your biggest problem. Someone older than 40 who’s been a locksmith all their life is who your looking for. Someone who, when you ask if they cut Ace keys, doesn’t hesitate to say yes. Some suggestions I have would be to dremel the key out. By cutting it almost flush with the lock and then dissecting it until you can remove it. An tubular pick will then allow you to reset your lock. No pick, then you will then need a new key that’s modified by cutting away the indexing tab so that you can return the lock to the resting position. The modified key will need to be discarded after you’ve reset your lock. Easy peasy.

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