Is there any way to update this 60-year-old center knob lock? : Locksmith

Well… there are smart locks that use cylindrical chassis instead of tubular (basically, any commercial ones), but I can’t help but think they’d look a bit odd on an 18” backset. The Schlage NDE series, for example, is based on the ND series—so it would support extended backsets.

Ultimately, gluing wood in to the existing holes and reboring the door would probably be the most economical option.

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Update from a new apprentice : Locksmith

A few months ago I had asked for suggestions as I was about to leave the restaurant industry and start a locksmith apprenticeship.

2 months, 8000 miles, 200+ jobs later and I’m loving it. I think I’ve “mastered” car lockouts, as much as you can in 2 months anyway. And I love doing rekeys, I could do that all day. It’s somehow relaxing sitting there taking apart things and putting them back.

I was so burned out in the restaurant, but I feel like I’ve found my calling.

My boss kind of threw me into the fire and I started as soon as my license came, but that’s how I’ve learned every other job and I learned quickly. Only had to call for a rescue twice, but those were learning experiences.

Equipped my van somewhat, though there is so many more tools I want to get.

I want to thank everyone for their input and advice in my previous post. Hopefully, given time, I’ll have enough experience to actually provide input here.

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