What is this plate called (circled) and where can I get one (UK)? Lost when changing the cylinder, bought new handles, but did not get new plate. UPVC door with euro cylinder : Locksmith

I moved into a new house and decided to change the cylinders, I managed to lose this plate on one of the doors. The door still locks, but it’s a bit of a trick to it and I don’t think it’s as secure. I bought new handles thinking I might get a new plate with this, but no. It’s a uPVC door with euro cylinders in the UK if that makes any difference. Thanks!

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Can a regular uPVC door be made more secure by making it exit-only? : Locksmith

My house has three entrances on two floors, and I’ll only ever need to use two of them to enter the house.

The third door is possibly the most tempting for burglars and I was wondering if it’s possible to beef up the security without completely replacing it.

Is it a stupid idea to do away with the handle and lock on the outside, and is that even possible?

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Euro style UPVC lock removed, locks partially released? : Locksmith

My key snapped in my shed’s upvc door so I drilled & snapped the Eurolock and pushed the internal pin up which released the hooks and rollers however the deadbolt(?/ middle lock) is still engaged, what do I need to do to finish opening the door?

This is what the lock looks like now, it did havr a pin visible at the top, after pushing that to the left it released the aforementioned mechanisms.

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