Tasman MK3 lockset problem – someone just opened our door and walked in : Locksmith

Hi folks!

So a professionally installed Tasman MK3 lockset in the front metal door was just opened by a 5foot5 rather small lady, who was meaning to walk back into next door.

First of all i thought my partner left the door unlocked, but then i was told the person was making a pile of noise, and then got in. So then i thought perhaps a bump set, but no… was legit looking to go back into next door (confirmed with neighbours when it wasnt 6:30am), and she had her own car keys in hand.

So i got my partner to finger lock the screen door, and then i managed to open the door from the outside too!

Ive pulled out the lock, and checked the spindle and spindle driver… theres no damage or wear.

.. what the hell is going on? How can i fix this?

Note: There is a few millimeters travel between the spindle n driver, and im not a locksmith, but just a person with some chippy training.

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