Wayne Winton Bullshit Course : Locksmith

This fucking clown Wayne Winton is teaching a course online at HL Flake. Wtf is this shit, does this guy even know enough to teach a fucking thing?! Maybe he will show us the secrets of his clickbait bullshit.

“Social Media Marketing is an opportunity for businesses to interact with customers or potential customers online in an almost instant form. Long gone are the days where everyone gathers around the TV for a family show or listens to the local radio- or heck, even reads the newspaper. Everything is individualized and personalized and the blanket marketing idea simply does not work anymore. Using several platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, Google+, Yelp, Instagram, and Twitter, you will be able to make potential customers aware of you and your company through a real live connection with not just you as a security professional, but you as a person. “

This fucking clown. Apparently his ‘course’ happened at 1PM today, this guy is lucky I was too busy doing actual jobs otherwise I would have personally been online at his class to tell him to his face what a snake oil salesman he is.

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