What’s the grossest safe you’ve ever dealt with? : Locksmith

Was reading another thread regarding the floor vault and the comments got me thinking and wondering.

What’s the grossest safe you’ve ever dealt with?

Mine would be Garda Cashlink Depository pedestals at Taco Cabana, specifically when we removed them and the coagulated underneath, almost pulsating mass that is encountered underneath. I’ll never forget the smell. I’m sure some of you know the “mass” I’m talking about. (Looking at you Popeyes NKL)

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What’s your duplicator and originator set up looking like? : Locksmith

I recently cheaped out and bought a used iilco 45 duplicator off a buddy instead of going for the rytan. It works but I regret it knowing I’ll be buying the rytan eventually anyhow. But admittedly I was trained by old school locksmiths but to me the best set up is a blitz for origination and a rytan for duplication. I know there’s some very fancy machines but talking basic can set up, what’s r/locksmiths typical van set up looking like?

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What’s the best middle ground between being a cheap-ass and making a fortress?

Hi all, I'm buying my first property in a relatively low crime area, although blow torch burglary in the general area seems to be on the rise.

So a question is, what would you consider to be "enough" in regards to protect a property without having to resort to £3000 security doors, or should people consider the latter to be a wise investment rather than overkill?

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Am I the last locksmith on the planet that still creates my own master key systems by hand? Whats a decent program a guy can get that does some but not alot of master keying. : Locksmith

The problem with the software is it can’t do really weird and unique shit where you need to do cross keying which when you need to do it, can be complicated as fuck. The natural progression of masters, sub masters, change keys/slaves, is pretty easy, especially if you have a grand master that are low cuts because you can go deeper for the subs. As opposed to where as grand master with say a midcut can get dicey when the system gets huge and complicated and you have the issue of possible ghost keys.

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Electronic handle set clicking – What’s wrong? : Locksmith

Electrified mortise lock.

Presenting a credential to the reader powers the lock. Clicking should allow the handle to turn and retract the latch. With everything apart, I have no idea if the handle will turn when the lock is energized.

Put the lock back together and test it, or give us a description of the problem.

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