Deadbolt Lock Won’t Extend. Metal in the way in door frame. : Locksmith

I purchased a new deadbolt and it’s not locking.

There is a metal piece in the way. Here is a photo.

How do I remove this metal piece so the lock can extend? It looks like it is behind the wood.

I have searched lock diagrams and cannot find any help as to why this metal piece is in/behind the door frame.

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ELI5 the mechanisms of this kind of door knob. Every other door knob I’ve seen in my life has the inside knob also unable to turn when locked. I’m not a locksmith so I won’t know the jargon; I’m just really curious. : Locksmith

The feature is called emergency egress, the higher grade Schlage you can find in Home Depot have them, otherwise it’s not typical of crappy locks. The idea is that if you’re escaping a fire, burglar, or uncle joe, you’re able to leave without having to think about unlocking the door in a panic. Trust me, If you see uncle joe in your house, you will be panicking. Lock hardware in Home Depot is typically trash.

As for how it actually works, the inside knob is not directly attracted to the lock actuator like the outside knob is until it’s turned to a certain degree. Turning the inside knob to that degree makes contact with the actuator and unlocks the door for the outside. The lock actuator is a long rod (ha) which the back end you turn to lock or unlock it.

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This lock mechanism on our new t handle won’t stay in. After installing it no matter which way I turn and push it always comes out. How can I fix this? : Locksmith

……..Wow, nobody knows shit in this thread. You need a hook lockpick or a ‘control’ key to depress the back retaining wafer when the cylinder is pushed into the housing, this allows for it go to deeper and have the retaining wafer be locked into the housing, you may have to unlock/lock the device to get the right timing.

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Key copies won’t work on my front door : Locksmith

My dads house was built in 2016 and within 2018, the front door lock started to not work on key copies. They work fine with the ones given to us when they first got the house and before the keys we’d make a copy of would work too. We just don’t know what happened now. Maybe it’s the material of the key? Or maybe the weather rusting it up? I live in Minnesota (if that helps) the keys will go all the way in but they won’t turn to lock or open is my issue.

I know the solution to this is to change the lock but since he can’t afford that right now, what is another solution to this?

Our key copies are from Walmart. But I was told from a friend to try going to Home Depot instead for key copies and maybe that’ll work?

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Looking for an NFC-compliant deadbolt to fit this door. Had intended to buy a Samsung Ezon 3321 but the local locksmith says it won’t fit. Any suggestions of what else I could try? : Locksmith

Not a fan of smart locks, but it looks like a regular cut out template for a deadbolt more or less. If your door is 1 3/4 inches you’ll be fine, hell you can throw it on 1 1/4 inch thick door if you want. Make a hole in door, chisel door for bolt, make hole in frame, chisel frame for strike, probably some fasteners here and there. 30-45 minute job.

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Locked in, advice please? Deadbolt seems like it’s disengaged, but door won’t open. : Locksmith

looks like the bolt is not fully retracted. theres probably a small cutout/clearancing on the “hinge side” of that hole, that the end of the deadbolt slides into, and the whole assemble is now bent so its not lining up and cant fully retract. either do something about that, or just break out whats left and try pullng it out that way… also can u just open the other door? its probably got some latch bolts on the top or bottom, but the deadbolt is probably retracted enough that if u undo the other door and open them both at the same time, itll probably just open so u can remove the deadbolt. but man, have a locksmith install the new one if you live here. you always want a professional to ensure your locks that you trust for your safety are installed properly… so this doesnt happen again….

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