Need Help. I’ve turned it 90 degrees but the button wont depress for the knob to come off does anyone have any tips or tricks for this knob? : Locksmith

First off, lube. Then I press the release tab and turn the key at the same time, as far left and right as it will go. Could be your tailpiece is bent or put on wrong. Ive seen people put the tail pieces on in the lever configuration and still force it in the knob somehow.

Also try banging the knob against something or tapping the collar above the release tab with a hammer gently. Sometimes you can loosen them or pop them back into alignment.

If your feeling brave the “expert mode” would be to remove the lock assembly from the knob and get at it from the back. There is probably a YouTube video on how to do it. If there isn’t, PM me and maybe ill make one and email it to you. Then I’ll post it to YouTube and make millions of dollars. The camera loves me.

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Door unlocks but won’t open : Locksmith

Hi, hoping someone can help. I live in a flat and my internal front door won’t open. It locks and unlocks but I can’t actually push the door to get in. I have to push the door whenever I open it normally and there are cracks round the door frame where it looks like the building has settled or something. Is there anything I can do to get inside? Thanks in advance.

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Stuck lock and door handles wont come off (bathroom door) : Locksmith

Hi all,

Having some trouble with a bathroom door handle/lock. The lock is stuck sticking out so I wanted to take the lock apart to see if something was trapped, and oil it up. I have been stopped however by not even being able to take the handles off…

Both screws are out on both of the handle plates, there are no grub screws, there is no cover that pops off, and I have tried unscrewing the lock unit and wiggling that about to no avail.

I have also tried levering the handle plate off with a screwdriver and a lot of force, and it just pops back into place. (paper is there to protect the wood)

Any advice to get this off would be much appreciated, thanks!

r/Locksmith - Stuck lock and door handles wont come off (bathroom door)
r/Locksmith - Stuck lock and door handles wont come off (bathroom door)
r/Locksmith - Stuck lock and door handles wont come off (bathroom door)

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My lock latch wont open and I cant push it further down to unlock it. Any help? : Locksmith

It’s fucked. Send the videos to a few reputable locksmiths and get quotes. They will be able to open up the door without causing damage and replace the lock case. No need to change the cylinder so your old keys will still work. As a guide, we’d charge £120 total to do this on normal working days. We’re in London though, so it may be a bit cheaper if you’re elsewhere.

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Shaw Walker Desk Won’t Open: Instructions : Locksmith

A few days ago, I had problems with my Shaw Walker desk. The drawers would not open, and I needed to get things out from them. So I searched Reddit, and there was a post from two years ago that dealt with this problem. There are some misconceptions there that I can clarify from my experience fixing the desk. Also, since there’s little information on the topic in the internet, I’m posting this to share.

First, there is no anti-tipping mechanism. It’s simply a mechanical interlock that locks all drawers when the center drawer is pushed in and locked with key.

The way the desk is meant to work is similar to a filing cabinet. The side drawers have a spring loaded rotating bar that has extending arms. When the center drawer is pushed in, a lever rotates the bar and extends the locking arms. When the center drawer is pulled out, the lever disengages, and retracts the locking arms.

The problem arises when, after several years, the components begin to grind and rust together. So even if you pull the center drawer, the mechanism is locked closed. If you can’t pull the side drawers at all, there’s a small access hole directly underneath the rotating bar. The bar has a notch on it, so it can be manually rotated with a long flathead screwdriver. Once it disengages, the drawers can open.

Pull out the top side drawer completely, then tilt it up to remove it and have access to the rotating bar. The points of contact need to be lubricated with light machine oil or WD-40. Once they are lubricated, the rotating bar can freely engage and disengage without getting stuck with rust.

r/Locksmith - Shaw Walker Desk Won't Open: Instructions

Inside of drawer with rotating bar shown and lever disengaged. Top part is the lever and spring cam. Bottom part is the locking lever.

r/Locksmith - Shaw Walker Desk Won't Open: Instructions

Inside of drawer with rotating bar and lever engaged. The locking lever tilts toward the drawers and locks them in place.

To be sure, I lubricated all points of contact and now it works like a charm. These desks were made to last lifetimes, and I’d hate to see these being destroyed or wrenched open for not knowing how to maintain them. If you have a desk like this, you can do this simple fix.

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