I have this vintage curios cabinet that I can’t seem to open with a straightforward key. It has 4 keys for the 2 of them which are all the same. But none of them is working. Any ideas what I can do? : Locksmith

Yes, it definitely is the right key. the 4 keys are identical, and even peering through the keyhole, it looks the same. Looks fairly straightforward where the hole in the key fits into the round piece.

These are easily over 20 years old i reckon. It’s my mum’s.

I will try putting some lubricants. I did put some force when trying to open, but afraid of breaking it !

Thanks for the tip !

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The night i quit working for a shitty company (storytime) : Locksmith

Had a house lockout at 2am in mt dora florida about 3 years ago. She had a high secuirity lock i had to drill the deadbolt.i get in house.collect payment and leave…😌

I Hop in the car turn the corner and see 6-7 cop cars and hear a helicopter overhead….😯

“wtf somebody is in trouble!” Lol

“Pull over now!”

🤔Hmm now i see dogs…..

Oh…..wait… are yall here for me???? 🤔

Yes yes and yes…long story short i showed them all my stuff…They talked to the homeowner and i went off my way…they let me go no issues.😧

Needless to say if i see a patrol car now im stopping everything im doing regardless of place and setting and giving them my business card 😂

I quit the company because my boss wasn’t answering me, the office wasn’t answering me. I was just out there scared and alone. Making THEM money fuck that. Haven’t looked back since.

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