What’s the grossest safe you’ve ever dealt with? : Locksmith

Was reading another thread regarding the floor vault and the comments got me thinking and wondering.

What’s the grossest safe you’ve ever dealt with?

Mine would be Garda Cashlink Depository pedestals at Taco Cabana, specifically when we removed them and the coagulated underneath, almost pulsating mass that is encountered underneath. I’ll never forget the smell. I’m sure some of you know the “mass” I’m talking about. (Looking at you Popeyes NKL)

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Sure You’ve Seen This Before… : Locksmith

hope it is appropriate to poke my head in your sub and ask a question and hope you’ve seen this before. After successfully entering the code I need to throttle the handle quite a bit in quick succession (not really with increased strength) to get the door to release. Don’t know that I’m using the correct nomenclature but I did try and capture the process in the video.

Thanks for any guidance you might have – stay safe!

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