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Hello Everyone:

What kind of advice can you all offer on going on vehicle lockouts? I have done a ride-along on a couple of them and they seemed pretty easy as we able to get in with the “black” tool from the big AT kit. But it seems to me that a lot can go wrong on a lockout.

The guy I was riding with at the time told me about how he once got one of the tools stuck in the door and he tried for almost two hours to try and get the tool unstuck. He said another time he actually broke the window track on a customer’s vehicle…

Is it just a matter of going “by the book” with these types of lockouts? I had to call AAA maybe 10 years ago to get my car door unlocked. I was driving a late 90’s Mazda Protege. The tech just used an airbag and then a long reach tool to either push the lock button or pull up the knob (I forget which method he used). I had to get into my 2005 Honda Accord about 4 years ago and I used a plastic pry to pull the door back at the top corner and a makeshift tool to press the unlock button.

For some reason, these types of jobs worry me the most. I’m not really afraid of not being able to unlock the vehicles because the kit and book really give a lot of great info. I’m more worried about messing something up and pissing off a customer because I damaged their car in some stupid way.

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