Weird issue I am facing with my new lock : Locksmith

Weird issue I am facing with my new lock : Locksmith

Hi everyone, sorry if this is the 10000th time you may see a post like this, but I got stuck on this problem and maybe some of you can guide me to the solution.

Disclaimer: dealing with an European profile lock

So I am changing the lock of my front door, I got the new one (Yale YC2100) and upon installation I discovered that it can’t lock my door. More specifically, the key can turn anticlockwise enough to open the door-thing-that-keeps-it-shut (for a lack of a better term, English is not my first language), but it cannot fully rotate clockwise and bring forward the other-door-thing-that-keeps-it-locked. By comparing the two locks I can see that the cam (the black piece in the middle that rotates) of the original one is rounded, but the new one is more “squarish”. Could that be the issue? After some research it seems that every lock that you can buy is of the second type, so I am not really sure of what to do in that case.

Thank you all for your help!

Edit: after closer inspection it seems that the door had one of those old metal locks, so I suspect the owner had to fix the lock I’m trying to replace in order to make it work.

I added a picture of what I mean by “rounded cam” so you can have a clearer idea

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