We’re looking to recruit a new moderator! : Locksmith

Hello to all! I’m going to try to keep this short and simple.

Our community here on r/Locksmith has grown quite a lot over the years. We went from a handful of regulars to over 10,000 subscribers. We’re looking to bring another moderator onboard to help keep things running smooth around here, and maybe bring some new ideas that could help our community continue to grow.

Right now, the moderator log (where all of the posts/comments that are removed by AutoModerator are kept for further review by us) is tough to keep up with since there’s not a very large moderator team to deal with it. We’re hoping you’d be willing to help out. Our AutoMod is setup to remove posts from new users to reddit as part of spam filtering (works well too), but there are a lot of new members to this sub that post legitimate content & we have to make sure they aren’t lost in the mix with spam posts. This can take some time, and there’s just not enough of that between us to get to everything.

If you’re interested in becoming a moderator of this sub, feel free to comment here (or PM the Moderator team). Please include any of your experience as a subreddit moderator if you have any. If you have some new ideas you’d like to implement, great! Post them too! We hope this sub will continue to grow like it has, but right now it’s starting to fall behind on things which rarely ends with a positive outcome.

Thank you!

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