Worn out keys : Locksmith

Worn out keys : Locksmith

Hello everyone:

Worn out keys. Aren’t they great? I’ve copied a few keys that I was surprised the customer brought in. Keys that you would think shouldn’t even work. Now, I get how keys and locks wear out together, since they are soft brass. But what do you do when a customer brings in an old-shitty key and wants something new keyed to that?

I had a guy today who wanted two rekeyable padlocks keyed to his own key. The key was super worn. I gauged it and got the bitting. When I keyed up the cylinder and tried it out, the damn thing wouldn’t unlock. So I quickly grabbed another lock, stole the cylinder from it, and tried the next size up pin. Just by looking at it, I could tell it wasn’t going unlock with the customers key. Luckily, one of our experienced technicians came back from a job. He had two recommendations: cut a new key by code or file down the wrong sized puns.

I really wanted to cut the customer a new key by code but I would have had to charge him for that. And I’m guessing that this new key wouldn’t work in the 4 old padlocks he was using. So I didn’t think that was a good solution. I decided to file down the bigger pins.

When I did this, I felt like a real locksmith. I tested the locks and they worked pretty well. Not smoothly like butter, as if everything was new, but they locked and unlocked with only the slightest catch. Even though I felt like a real locksmith doing this, I couldn’t help but doubt what I did. I swear I’ve read on here that only schmucks file down pins though…

So, what do you do in a situation like this? I kind of feel like filing down the pins was the only option. There is no way that the customer was going to get the other 4 old padlocks and put new pins in there to fit a cut-by-code key, even if it would have been (in my mind) the best solution. I imagine I would have had to charge him for the new key and 4x rekeying fees. But what could I do?

The attached picture is one of the worn keys I have duplicated. I made a copy of it for my workbench just so j could look at it and laugh. The customer from today, his key wasn’t nearly as worn as this key, but still worn enough to cause problems.

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No promises that it will work!

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