yet another new-to-cars post : Locksmith

So ive been reading as much as I can in books(spent about $500 on various books!) and on here, the advice has been great, I appreciate it. I pretty much have all the hardware I need, futura for cutting, smart pro coming for programming, I have a VVDI for cloning and etc, an assortment of lishi tools, putting together a stock list now…people have touched on this but would love to hear a bit more about when things go wrong:

Seems like nobody likes programming keys for euro cars(im in USA), why? Read on here that a new locksmith in someones area is frying modules left and right on volvos I think it was, I dont want to be that guy, what can I do to avoid this? Will be using a smartpro not a cheaper unit, but should I just stay away from euro cars until I know what Im doing even though smartpro shows it can do this?

2nd, so you did everything right…and the car wont start anymore. Maybe the battery died during programming…etc….time to get it towed to the dealership. How is that handled, do you generally pay out of pocket for towing, or call it even as you still showed up and performed the svc? Do you have customer sign a wavier or anything about this beforehand?

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