Can this “Do Not Duplicate” key be duplicated? : Locksmith

I need to stay with a friend for a few months and I’d really like to avoid paying my landlord $100 for a new copy.

I’m aware the DND stamp is mostly meaningless, and in my state there isn’t any law prohibiting their duplication.

But when I tried it at a local hardware store, they were willing to dupe it (they duped my other one with the DND stamp) but their machine didn’t allow them to dupe this one because it’s a “security key with specific grooves on it”(?)

I then tried it at a local locksmith but they immediately knew it was a front door apartment key and said turned me down.

Would a Minutekey kiosk be able to duplicate this one? Should I keep trying more hardware stores and locksmiths? Times are tough and coughing up $100 doesn’t sound too good.

Hope everyone is being safe out here and thank you in advance.

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Immobilized? Locked keys in 2001 Toyota : Locksmith

Locked keys in a 2001 Toyota far from home. Used an air inflator on the door corner which activated the alarm causing alarm to beep horn for several minutes. The inflator did allowed enough room to reach electric lock button, but even when pushed, the door locks would click but not unlock. Eventually I was able to raise the lock using paracord and a slip knot.

My question is: Did the alarm immobilize the rocker lock/unlock button once the horn went off, OR was I just unable to push it properly??

Thanks in advance—

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Why the general lack of… “representation/resources” about locksmithing? : Locksmith

This may be an entirely ignorant observation, I don’t know but years ago, I was a locksmith apprentice for an incredibly short period of time but damn, I loved it so much. So now it’s kind of a hobby to read about different types of locks, locksmith stuff, etc. Tinker around with old door hardware, whatever.

ANYWAYS, I searched relentlessly this morning for a locksmithing movie/documentary of some sort and I’m just curious, why is there virtually nothing about locksmithing in any sort of “mainstream” light? Any recommendations?

Back when I was trying to get the locksmithing job, I also remember it being incredibly difficult to find any information about this trade to help me prepare for the interview…It just bums me out, personally so…

****TL;DR : Does anyone know of or have any recommendations for a movie/documentary about locksmithing or shit, even like… a main character who is a locksmith?

P.s. Sorry this post is rambling and kind of all over the place. Tired and cooped up.

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Interchangeable core for a security case : Locksmith

So I’ve got these glass security cases we put razors behind at work, and LP has taken FOREVER to get us a core, at this point we dont even think they’re gonna bother so I’m trying to just buy one and store budget it. Most, if not all of our cores for everything else is Best, and the core seems to be the same size as every other core (front door, padlocks, etc) in the store. Are core sizes pretty much the same for all cores? I was debating just picking up the little 5 pack of cores that Paclock has and using that, since this doesnt exactly have to be high security or anything, but honestly not sure if they’d work and I’m not sure if it’s even worth it because of all the extra cores.

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3 locks, 1 key – Electric switch in addition to existing locks : Locksmith


I am currently at an impasse on a project. I am building a custom vintage scooter. They come with a steering column lock and a glovebox [lock like this] ( These bikes came without a key and I would like to add a simple On/Off key.

I would like to get into messing with tumblers and pins, how would I go about this. I want to be able to use the existing key on a modified electical switch.

Is this possible? There are easier solutions to this problem, but this would help me learn something about a field I am pretty much… (shitty pun) locked out from.

Thank you, curious to see what you think.

I have a spot to

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