Pros, Cons, Everything about residential smart locks? : Locksmith

I’ve got an end-of-year presentation for a networking class I’m taking where we select a technology and go through the impact(positive and negative) on the market/consumers.

I selected ‘Residential Smart Locks’ as my topic out of a few I could think of.

I need help from locksmiths, the guys who install and fix these pieces of hardware. Of course, I will do my own research in tandem with the replies to this post; I want my presentation to be as informative as possible.

So, I ask you all this:

What are the pros, cons, and other bits of information(anecdotes, stories of success or failure) that you all can think of in regards to residential smartlocks?

Thanks in advance for any replies. Seriously, any information will be useful.

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I asked about these mosler “safe” deposit locks the other day. : Locksmith

These have been the hardest locks for me to open. It’s a mosler 586A I managed to get this one open without destroying it, probably can’t repeat this though. I just haven’t found a consistent way to defeat these.

I don’t see this often but when I do they burn a lot of time. Hoping someone can point out the error of my ways here, I feel like I’m missing something simple.

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Does anyone have any idea what this is? I assume it is some sort of locksmith tool- thumbwheel with adjustable chuck : Locksmith

We have one of those, master has padlocks with universal pins (they have serration lines pre cut into them) so you can take a customers existing key with the new lock and place it into that tool, then as you tighten the nut on the base it’s pushing the cylinder into the padlock body and shearing off the pins to suit. They are handy if you have someone who already has a bunch of keyed alike master locks with the same profile that these come in and they want to get more. We call it ‘crunching’ I don’t believe that’s the technical term but it does make a crunch sound when you do it

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Dear auto guys. Key extraction tips welcomed. : Locksmith

Before someone says to call a locksmith…eat my butt.

Someone thought it would be fun to snap a key off in my driver’s side door. Any good tips in getting the tip 6 cuts out of 8 cut front door lock? I’m struggling (if you call trying for a few minutes struggling) to get the wafers down to get the key out. The regular extractors I have aren’t making headway at all. I don’t want to have to climb over my pile “shit that I’ll totally sort” in the passenger seat every day. If the advice is to lubricate the lock with my tears and probe around again ill try that in the morning. Thanks!

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Unknown lock please help : Locksmith

Yeah, that’s an old Fichet lever lock an M2B or M3B. Theyre a popular French lock. Just type Fichet into YouTube or Lock noob 8 lever safe lock he has a great video taking a very similar model apart, different but the same mechanism. The work like a Lever lock but the levers are spaced radially and are pushed down. Edit. Even without the key you could sell it on eBay to the locksport crowd.

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Help with a gate lock.

Only sub I could think of if this isn't allowed please advise.

Anyway wife and I got a new house. Only problem is we don't know the code for the front door or how to recode it. Is there a way to recode the lock pictured below. If not do you know where we can get a similarly set up lock (keypad both sides)? Don't want one you could reach through and unlock.

The box stores and google have been dead ends.

submitted by /u/That702Guy

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Does the base price of a rekey come with new keys, and if so how many? : Locksmith

Trying not to sound like a fool with the person we’re working with – but we’re getting a rekeying done and he gave the price of the service call and price per lock to rekey. He did not explicitly mention new keys, but I have to assume at least one comes with the rekey service…how many more should I be asking for?

Thanks for the help!

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What’s the grossest safe you’ve ever dealt with? : Locksmith

Was reading another thread regarding the floor vault and the comments got me thinking and wondering.

What’s the grossest safe you’ve ever dealt with?

Mine would be Garda Cashlink Depository pedestals at Taco Cabana, specifically when we removed them and the coagulated underneath, almost pulsating mass that is encountered underneath. I’ll never forget the smell. I’m sure some of you know the “mass” I’m talking about. (Looking at you Popeyes NKL)

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