Teaching locksmithing to kids via games : Locksmith

Im a fairly new locksmith been in the game for 4 years….but I have much more exp in game design.been making games for like 8 years designing graphics and websites for 12+

I want to make a a few locksmith style games. My first idea was to create a board game to teach kids how to rekey locks and pick locks.

My only draw back is the legal side of this it’s a great idea I have the whole game designed it’s just on the back burner because of my fear. I live in florida. It’s the wild west down here.

What about other states getting shipments of locksmith tools? Maybe just ignore them for now?

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Safe Maintenance

What’s on your check list of things to maintain on TL rated safes?

I know the normal stuff, plates, relockers, cables, hinges, crimped wires, bolt work etc… what else do you check that may not be standard?

Also… what’s the most reliable lock you can recommend with an audit trail and opening windows? Most of the TL safes I’ve had to drill have an ESL AuditLock. It’s fine on a B rate or pharmacy, but if I can get away with not having to drill a fortress because the lock gave trouble before it failed completely… I’d rather just replace lock beforehand.

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Latch is sticking on front door….replace? : Locksmith

My front door has a Schlage deadbolt and separate front handle. The handle is the type that uses a thumb button to open the door. The latch has started sticking inside the door when the button is depressed and then released. Once it is stuck inside the door, you have to hit the button multiple times to get the latch to properly pop out so you can close the door.

Is this something I can try to fix myself or is it time to replace it with a new version? It’s about 10 years old. I can post more info if needed.

Thank you.

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Can anyone help us decode a combination for an open safe? : Locksmith

A friend of mine has an old, and empty safe that was in her late parent’s basement. It’s locked open– if that’s the right way to describe it. Her mother left a piece of paper with the combination written down, but we can’t understand it. Any thoughts? (And yes the piece of paper she wrote it on is amusing — it’s an old ad for Mastercard — letting you know not to worry if you lose your card)

r/Locksmith - Can anyone help us decode a combination for an open safe?
r/Locksmith - Can anyone help us decode a combination for an open safe?

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Vintage Schlage Hardware : Locksmith

Just wanted to know if anyone had any idea what was model number or any info about it. My uncle who passed away worked for Schlage in South San Francisco/Brisbane for like 40 years. He left this and other stuff to me since I’ve been locksmithing for about 6 years now. It’s heavy as heck and key blanks seem really cool. I’m from SoCal but moved up here last year so I’m still getting used to the history is it all here.

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