Most used/handiest tool : Locksmith

I thought of a better question to ask/answer.

Which tools do you keep backups of in your van?

I have backup screwdrivers and Allen keys. Everything else I reckon I can get by without for a couple of jobs, but no way am I going into battle without either of those things.

I guess a drill is nearly essential too and I actually have an old one that needs repairing. Once I’ve done that, it’s going into the tool box.

I also keep a fully charged 18V battery in the glove box. It’s strictly for emergencies only and it’s got me out of jail once or twice when I had to drill and realised I’d been slack with keeping the rest of them charged.

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Replace 5 pin cylinder with 6 pin : Locksmith

My SO bought a bunch of Schlage keyed entry levers for my house which have 5 pin SC1 keys, similar to this. I’d like to key them alike to our deadbolts, which appear to be 6 pin SC4 keys (the key is visibly longer).

Is doing something like this possible? My guess is that the locksmith would have to change out the whole cylinder, would it even fit in the lever assembly?

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I was burgled. The door will be replaced

We were burgled and our flat was ransacked. Only cash was taken, no electricals. They went through every single drawer and cupboard and threw everything everywhere.

Here are photos of the front door:

I live in a council flat so the door will (eventually) be replaced with the same door. We did not double lock the door, we only used the top lock. We think they broke in with a crowbar. When we arrived home we found that the key fit in the lock and it just spun round and round. The police had to ram the door to open it.

Do you think if we had double locked the door it would have been secure? both locks are ERA 35 x 35mm 6-Pin Euro Cylinder – Satin. If not, is there anything else we can do to strengthen the door or frame? I have heard of people using something called a London Bar or Birmingham Bar. I’m not sure if this would be applicable here. How much would that be likely to cost?

Any advice on this matter would be helpful.

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The place I stayed at recently had the room lock cut this way

This key looked like hand filed and the room door lock must have had matching bitting, because it accepted the key.

The door did not open without the key fully inserted (did not open with just the tip inserted, or with a screwdriver).

I wouldn’t probably even notice if it wasn’t for the fact that the key could be retracted from the keyhole in any orientation, not only vertically. This is when I noticed the odd bitting.

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